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PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS   Children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 years or over.  Actively supervised means, watching your child at all times, & able to provide immediate assistance.


LIFEGUARDS   Obey requests of the pool attendants.


BOMBING AND FLIPPING No running around the complex as it commonly causes stubbed toes and grazed knees.  No bombing or flipping into any of the pools.  Diving is fine, although ensure it is safe to do so, path is clear, pool is deep enough etc.


CLOTHING No t-shirts, singlets or leggings in the pools. The cotton can reduce the quality of the water, so we appreciate if our guests wear suitable synthetic Rash Shirts, board shorts or swim suits.


ALCOHOL No alcohol to be brought into the complex.


SECURITY LOCKERS & RENTAL Secure your valuables. Lockers are available next to the changing rooms. You will require $5.00 in gold coins for 5 hours (minimum)


CHEQUES Cheques WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless by prior arrangement with management. Cash banked daily. No cash kept on premises


BEHAVIOUR   A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected. Reckless or violent behaviour will not be tolerated.


FOOD AND DRINK No food or drink to be consumed in or around the pools. Picnic tables are provided in picnic areas around the complex.


BBQ’S BBQ hire is available from reception. No personal BBQ’s to be brought into the complex.


SMOKING No smoking….we are smoke free. No Sheesha or pipes





The minimum height for the hydro-slides is 1.2 metres

We advise all non-swimmers not to use the slides

It is safe to go down the slide when:


                    A Pool Attendant indicates a slide and exit is clear


Correct Slide Usage

·      Always wait until the slide is clear and a Pool Attendant clears you to go

·      One person per slide at a time

·      Lie on your back, feet first

·      Cross your arms across your chest and keep your elbows in close

·      Do not sit up

·      Immediately move away from the slide

·      Exit splash down pool immediately after use


No water wings/ arm bands on the slides

Flotation devices can lead to a dislocation of the shoulder joint. They also give children a false sense of security.

For further information please look at our FAQs page.





How to find us

Waiwera Thermal Pools Location

21 Waiwera Road, Waiwera, PO Box 83, Waiwera 0950, North Auckland

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